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Information about Universal Brotherhood




The Urantia Book encourages having faith in God and it explains in detail why and how gradual evolution, marked by periodic mutations, is one of the ways God creates life. 


This is the harmonization of material facts, common sense, and spiritual values you have been looking for. And its unique quality of credibility is unprecedented.

We are here to give you the services you require.  We believe that all life was created by a supreme being, by God.  There is much DNA code in our bodies that lead scientists to believe that it was engineered by a supreme being.  We are a non-denominational organization and do not represent one faith other then the faith of God .  Most religions state that after divorce you cannot re-marry back into that faith. We believe different.

  All you have to have is faith in God.  Here we help those that have been divorced by joining them  once again with the person they love.  The Apostle St. Thomas believed that to belong to or worship Jesus did not have to be in a building made of stone, that Jesus is within you.  Why must then when we worship it has to be in a building made of stone?  Why not just in your heart and mind? If you believe in a creator of the universe, if you believe in God, you can be remarried or join in with the one you love, since love is God.




                                                                                                                       Rev. Jack Nicholais